Molly Hacker is Too Picky! – Lisette Brodey

I really enjoyed this novel. Ms. Brodey is a master at depicting modern romance and the incessant pressure on women to be married. I loved Molly Hacker’s choice to handle her love life in her own way and to stay relatively quiet about it. The story is rich with dialogue, charm, and humor. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good story. It is entertaining, enlightening, and full of surprises. Molly Hacker is…

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Ring Around the Rosary – Gretchen Grossman

Ring around the Rosary by Gretchen Grossman

I received a copy of “Ring Around the Rosary” two years ago in exchange for an honest review. This memoir is about an American woman who became a nun at the tender age of seventeen. She left five years later, married again, had two gorgeous boys, and taught school for twenty years. This tale touched my heart and soul in momentous ways, as many of the struggles Ms. Grossman endured overlapped issues in my life….

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